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The Impact of Philosophy -- and the Philosophy of Impact   January, 2020

Learning from COVID   February, 2020

Dallas Morning News

What happens when society emphasizes technical education and treats the humanities as irrelevant?  February 3, 2020

Jackson Hole News and Guide

Will COVID Shatter Our Summer?  May 13, 2020

We’re Shooting Mountain Goats in a National Park. Do we Know Why?  October 28, 2020

Many Must Work Toward Hoback's Clean Water (with Carlin Girard). December 9, 2020

Of Foxes, Goats, and Bears: Rethinking Wildlife Policy February 24, 2021

Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective

Response to Coeckelbergh's review of Transhumanism, Science, and the Ends of Nature

Issues in Science and Technology

New Wine and New Bottles: The Humanities in the Post-COVID Conversation (Summer, 2020)

Blank and Pitiless (Review of Steve Fuller's Nietzschean Meditations) (Fall, 2020) 


Ordeal by Title IX   August 14, 2020


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